Emergency Room

The Emergency Room is a service available 24 hours a day, designed to ensure care for those patients whose medical condition requires immediate assistance.


It consists of two rooms, one located on the first floor (hospitalization I), and the other (hospitalization II) on the second floor, both of them fully equipped to provide the best service.

Operating Room

We have three operating rooms (one of these designated as a delivery room) equipped with the latest technology. They are located on the top floor of the center.

Intensive Therapy

It has 3 fully equipped beds with monitors, latest generation fans and the permanent presence of specialized personnel.


Support Service

We also offer other support and complementary services such as: X-Ray Unit, Blood Bank and Medical Laboratory.


Located on the first floor of the clinic (attached area), with access to the main corridor that communicates with the emergency room and other services. It allows multiple studies.


Located at the main entrance of the clinic (first floor). Available 24 hours a day, to pay attention both to hospitalized and emergency patients, and to patients outside the center. It offers the opportunity of performing any type of exams, including bacteriology and special tests.

Composed of the conventional Rx unit, CT and ultrasound, operating 24 hours, both for clinic patients and for outpatients. It allows to carry out the most frequent diagnostic studies that support other different services.

Located in the attached area at the main entrance of the clinic. This area is responsible for collecting, storing, processing and supplying human blood. It analyzes all the collected samples and repairs the blood in its components.

There are currently three medical offices within the clinic. These include the specialties of general surgery, pediatrics, otolaryngology, ophthalmology, cardiology, traumatology, etc.



We are aware of the medical services that handle special handling, especially in the area of ​​customer service. We take care to offer a fast, efficient and personalized service, in order to keep our users in a respectful and professional relationship.


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